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1. Lecture Notes
Last updated: 27th October 2011


Instructions to STUDENTS (Biomedical Engineering, Uni of NSW) ...

1. CLICK on the download references above. Save the locations (ZIP FILES) to your hard disk.

2. Create a seperate directory for each ZIP file.

3. Unzip each ZIP file in each seperate directory with the PASSWORD you were given in LECTURES.

e.g. Using PKZIPW32.EXE from above

pkzipw32 -extract -password [ENTER]
(Enter the password when prompted; remember to enter it in lower-case)

4. Click on the mail link above to send QUESTIONS with your FULL name in the body of the text.

If you don't already have it, an UNZIPPER can be obtained from PKWare's site;


Please do not e-mail me your CV's/Resumes at this time. I am currently unable to respond concerning employment.

Readers and Unzippers:

Or obtain the win32 (Windows 9X/2000 Version) here;

DOWNLOAD Pkzip for win32 (i.e. pkzipw32.exe) [Save this location to your disk]

Adobe Acrobat Reader will also be required. If you don't already have it, you can download it from Adobe's site;

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