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Software/Hardware Design/Technical Development

On behalf of Hypergate Technologies (sponsored) can realise your computing, communications, hardware and software design needs either through off-the-shelf or custom solutions. Our skills base includes;

  • Chartered Professional Engineers
  • Biomedical/Scientific Instrumentation and Information Systems
  • General electronics support and installation including synthesizer technology
  • Data Communications and Networking
  • Outsourcing and Project Management
  • General Consulting and Management Services

Please use the Contact page to discuss your needs

Chinese-English Technical Review, Translation and Project Supervision Services

We are also available for technical assignments where inspections are need and situations need to be accurately determined on the ground either in China or Australia.

Translation of technical and other documents from Chinese to English and English to Chinese. Translations you can trust by a Chinese and Australian technical specialists working together.

We can offer one-off translation of Chinese and English documents as a specialist service as well as carry out technical reviews of documents evaluate investments/prospectuses and 'cut through the smokescreen'.

Please Contact us to discuss your needs.

Repair services for the Hartmann Neuronal Synthesis system

Neural-network synthesizer and multimodal software tool.

[This is a legacy product which we are still supporting]

Try the modeling software and take away your samples on CD.

The Hartmann Neuron electronic music synthesizer represents the 21st-century cutting edge of sound-art science. The use of neural-network based sound models instead of conventional sampling, additive or subtractive synthesis techniques produces hitherto impossible sounds. View the specifications here.

Uedit™: Unix Text File Editor for Windows and OS/2
[Uedit, © Dr C. Martinic, 2002-2006]

This program allows you to edit SGI workstation Irix text files with unix EOL/fileconventions under windows and OS/2.

Free for personal use. Registration is appreciated. For corporate use, please contact us regarding pricing using our Contact form.

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Language Trainer™: Unix Text File Editor for Windows and OS/2
[Language Trainer, © Dr C. Martinic, 2002-2006]

This program is a general learning/drill program for language students.

Free for personal use. Registration is appreciated. For corporate use, please contact us regarding pricing using our Contact form.

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Previous Product Design Development:

October 1999: The DSP-based multi-channel voice digitising Total Recall unit is released.

The Total Recall Unit is an 8-channel DSP-based digital voice recording and storage management unit.

This unit was produced to provide simultaneous monitoring of voice-channels in a corporate environment or help-desk situation. The unit was a product of Bull Consulting Services (BCS) designed by 'the team' (David Bull, Don Dillon, Rod Bell, Stephen Sommer, Alan Vesperman and Dr Chris Martinic of Hypergate Technologies).

Dr Chris Martinic co-engineered Total Recall's OS/2 operating system interface with OS/2 Warp, command environment and storage management software. The unit runs under IBM's OS/2 Warp 4 OS using PC104 processing.

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